A selection of cards from 10m (28MHz)

I was very active from 1989 to 1992 on 10m on SSB and FM, and continue to use the band from time to time, as a result I have around 700 Cards and EQSL’s for contacts on this band. Here is a selection of them.

Some of my first QSL’s

Here are a selection of QSL’s for contacts made in the first few months after obtaining my G1SHM Licence in January 1986, as the rules at that time only allowed VHF and up operation it is no surprise that they are all for 2m Contacts – and all would have been using a FT290 Mk-1 with just 2.5W probably using a Mobile Whip or in some cases just the whip antenna.

Cards for 6m (50MHz) Contacts with Japan

Here are six (electronic) cards for 6m (50MHz) contacts with stations in Japan from 2017 (JT65) and 2019 (FT8)

I didn’t make any 6m contacts with Japan in 2018 , just hoping for a few more in 2020.

My first ever 6m QSO with USA (December 1989)

This is a scanned image of a real QSL card for my first ever 6m SSB contact with the USA on 28th December 1989. I seem to recall I was using Transverter based on the PW Meon design with a small 25W PA and a 5 Ele (DeeCom) beam at about 6m above ground

For various reasons I didn’t make another 6m QSO with USA for around 20 years.

A few Sample QSL Cards